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Virtual Roulette

As our name 'Virtual-Roulette' implies, you can play virtual roulette right now, right here, totally free. Click the 'Play Now' button above to start playing right now. All you have to do is pick a nickname, sign up and you're good to go. Below we've outlined in a few paragraphs the basics of what you need and how to go about playing our virtual roulette game. If you're new to roulette and/or playing in a virtual environment, this might be especially useful for you.

This game is based on standard European Roulette, where an ivory ball rolls in a spinning wheel that consists of 36 numbers and 0. The ball randomly stops on one of the 37 numbers. Your goal is to predict the outcome of each spin. You bet against the bank and your winnings are determined by how well you have predicted the ball's final resting-place.
To place a bet, left click on the chip that you wish to wager. Place the chip on the roulette table by left clicking on an area on the table. You can retract a wagered chip before the game begins by right clicking on the chip. After placing your bet, left-click the wheel or left-click the "Spin" button to activate the roulette wheel.

If you want to bet on the same number(s) for the next spin, simply left click on the 'Repeat' button. Then, left-click on the roulette wheel or left-click the "Spin" button to start the next spin. That's about all you need to know, because it's really very simple and I can guarantee that you'll be having lots of free fun with our game.

Virtual roulette is great fun, especially if you're having an itch to go to Vegas or your favorite land casino and just can't right now. Virtual roulette I am sure will serve as a good temporary solution to that annoying feel. Additionally, if you want to play roulette for real money, be sure to visit the Golden Palace Online Casino.

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