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Roulette Table Layout

Below is a scan that we've done for you of a basic roulette table layout. Item (1) is possibly the most easily identifiable aspect of the roulette wheel and maybe even the most easily recognizable symbol of gambling in the entire world. In another section, we discuss the roulette wheel layout in more detail for you.

Roulette Table Layout

Here we'll talk about the other parts of the roulette table. The long roulette table, which you'll typically find in the large casinos, can usually accommodate between six and eight players quite easily.

As you can see above, on the table is a layout containing the numbers that you can bet on. As you'll learn in the roulette bets section, when you bet on a number, you're basically betting that when the wheel is spun and the ball finishes its bounce, that it will come to its final rest on the number that you'd bet on.

For American roulette, the layout will contain thirty-eight numbers including a zero and a double zero. For European roulette, which is also called French roulette, the roulette table layout will contain thirty-seven numbers including a single zero. The diagram above is an outline of an American Roulette table layout.

In the diagram above, the side and the end of the table that has the thick gray border is the section that's fully dedicated to the players. They stand there to place their bets and observe the proceedings and in most cases, especially on a hot casino night, it's standing room only at the roulette tables.

The end of the table is the dealer or croupier domain and only he/she may enter there. From there, the croupier spins the wheel, and calls the numbers, and is basically in charge of the roulette table proceedings. Online of course it's a whole different matter. In the world of online roulette, all you really need to know how to do is to use your mouse to place bets. Try it for yourself by playing on our own free virtual roulette game. No real cash involved, it's all for fun, so try it out.

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