Virtual-Roulette.Net Virtual-Roulette.Net Virtual-Roulette.Net poker for all is a website which manages to strike that happy medium between catering to the more advanced poker playing crowd while still managing to be user-friendly towards players of less experience. Both should find plenty to amuse and occupy them at this marvellous online poker spot.

While some areas appear to be still undergoing development, this website still has plenty to offer. The news section is vastly superior to most websites, covering a wealth of topics (such as tours and tournaments) from around the world, as well as a separate section bringing news exclusively from Canada itself. Aside from news, visitors can explore the large collection of player profiles on offer, giving in-depth analysis and coverage of players such as Pat Toronto Toro Pezzin, Jonathan Duhamel, Gavin Smith and Daniel Negreanu - some of Canada's finest star players.

For players who wish to try their hand at playing poker online, contains links to the five most highly recommended online poker rooms for Canadians. Sitting in the coveted first position is Ultimatebet poker, followed by Poker Stars, Full-Tilt Poker, Ultimatebet Poker and Absolute Poker. The website also provides information on the bonuses and match bonuses offered by each room, as well as a helpful review. If players find themselves hitting a losing streak they can take a gander at the wealth of strategy articles available, from explanations of rules to advanced play.

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