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Roulette can be as simple as putting the desired number of chips on the color or number of your choice and seeing if the end result of the spin finds you a winner; and it can also be as complex as monitoring past wins and calculating mathematical future possibilities based on some 'super roulette system' that you may be using.

Here, we're making it as easy as possible for you to learn roulette in no time. Take a look at the roulette table layout below.

Roulette Table Layout

The action is very simple:
1) Bets are placed in the various betting areas (to be discussed further in the roulette bets section) on the table that are highlighted by the arrow pointing from the number 1 in the diagram above
2) The Croupier spins the wheel that is highlighted by the arrow pointing from the number 2 in the diagram above)
3) As the wheel spins, a small plastic ball bobbles around on it, and wherever the ball ends up (in a particular red or black colored slot and labeled with a particular number), this determines the winners and losers in the round

To learn roulette in more detail, we've provided extensive sections that you can read and digest in more detail. You can find links to these sections in the Nav-Links to the left, and additionally, you can check out the useful roulette sites and portals listed below.

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