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The Realm of Roulette

The realm of roulette is not at all complicated. Roulette is a very slow-paced game that doesn't necessarily require the tense focus and concentration of blackjack but can cause the same drama, excitement and buzz that normally happens at a craps table. Below you'll see links to various sections that, in reality, make up the 'realm of roulette'. In these sections you'll find information that we know will be especially useful if you're new to the world of roulette gambling. Read, interpret, understand and digest then be sure to test what you've learned by playing our free roulette game. We're giving you a 1,000 free points to start you off, so all you've got to do is pretend that those thousand points were some real hard cash, and have fun!

Learn Roulette
Roulette can be as simple as putting the desired number of chips on the color or number of your choice and seeing if the end result of the spin finds you a winner.

Roulette Bets
Betting in roulette is a quite straightforward and simple matter, but a key thing to remember is outlined here.

Roulette Wheel Layout
Here we describe in detail for you, the typical roulette wheel layout - in a very simple and easy to understand form.

Roulette Table Layout
We'll talk about the other parts of the roulette table including the betting areas and the croupier's domain.

The Croupier
The croupier is the casino employee that has full responsibility for and control of the flow of play at the roulette table. Learn more here.

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