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Welcome to Virtual-Roulette.Net, the Internet's premier roulette portal - designed especially for beginners who're looking to learn and understand as much as possible about the game that's quite possibly the world's most recognizable casino game. If you think or know that you're an expert or have a fairly good knowledge or roulette, then you probably should jump straight to our free virtual roulette game.

Roulette is a simple, almost perfect game of chance that's very easy to understand, requiring neither skill nor real strategy to have a good time and possibly even chalk up some winnings here and there. Roulette's a very basic and obvious guessing game and the Virtual-Roulette.Net portal will cover a wide range of topics for you including - table and wheel layouts, rules, American vs. European roulette and lots more.

You can click the links to the left to go straight to our various sections on the nuances of the game, or you can read on below where we've outlined a short history of roulette for you.

Roulette History
This history of roulette is a bit shrouded in mystery, simply because there are three major claims about the origins of the game itself.

Claim 1 - roulette was invented way back in 1655 by the French scientist Blaise Pascal, during his monastic retreat, and first played in a makeshift casino in Paris.
Claim 2 - a French monk invented roulette in order to help break some of the monotony of daily monastery life
Claim 3 - roulette originated in an old Chinese game whose object was to arrange 37 statuettes of animals in a "magic square" of 666

The modern version of the Roulette wheel did not appear until around 1842, when Frenchmen Francois and Louis Blanc are said to have invented the single "0" roulette game. In due course, the game was brought to the USA. However, the single "0" modification was rejected in the United States, and roulette history was altered forever with American roulette wheels being made standard with the two zeros "00".

Virtual roulette as we know it today first surfaced on the Internet in the mid-1990s. Undoubtedly, the game today is as popular among players in the virtual world as it is in real land-based casinos. Remember to try out our own free virtual roulette game. Click here to try it now! More roulette.

Finding Casino Online Slots for Canadians

There are dozens of great opportunities when we are looking to play at a Casino Online, but we need to understand the fact that not all of them are going to welcome Canadian players. This happens because of different restrictions that might apply in some areas of the country. The good news is that we can still locate different online casinos where we can play our favourite games.

The best way to locate casinos that allow Canadian players is to simply keep looking and going through online review sites. The great thing about this approach is that we are also going to learn about special offers for players and various important facts about the casinos presented. This includes anything that might help us make a choice from the value of the deposit bonus to online slots winning rate. You are also going to learn about the software platform used and the security of deposits and withdrawals. We even have some casinos that will allow you to gamble using Canadian dollars.

We recommend that you analyze all the options available. You can even download the software offered by online casinos and try all the games without having to make a single deposit. This will show you whether or not you are going to want to deal with that particular casino. Just keep trying and eventually you are going to find the best resource that fits your personal needs. Just because Canadians are not allowed to gamble in some online casinos does not mean that this is true for all of them. poker for all is a website which manages to strike that happy medium between catering to the more advanced poker playing crowd while still managing to be user-friendly towards players of less experience. Both should find plenty to amuse and occupy them at this marvellous online poker spot.

While some areas appear to be still undergoing development, this website still has plenty to offer. The news section is vastly superior to most websites, covering a wealth of topics (such as tours and tournaments) from around the world, as well as a separate section bringing news exclusively from Canada itself. Aside from news, visitors can explore the large collection of player profiles on offer, giving in-depth analysis and coverage of players such as Pat Toronto Toro Pezzin, Jonathan Duhamel, Gavin Smith and Daniel Negreanu - some of Canada's finest star players.

For players who wish to try their hand at playing poker online, contains links to the five most highly recommended online poker rooms for Canadians. Sitting in the coveted first position is Ultimatebet poker, followed by Poker Stars, Full-Tilt Poker, Ultimatebet Poker and Absolute Poker. The website also provides information on the bonuses and match bonuses offered by each room, as well as a helpful review. If players find themselves hitting a losing streak they can take a gander at the wealth of strategy articles available, from explanations of rules to advanced play.

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